The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us are straining to think of gifts that our friends and family would like. With so many people experiencing stress and worry as a result of the recession, layoffs, the greatest present you can offer this holiday season is mental wellness.

In light of this, here are some thoughtful, useful, and creative gift suggestions for loved ones who may be battling stress or anxiety:

1. Weighted Blankets

It has been found that using a weighted blanket reduces a person’s anxiety. The blanket’s weight exerts moderate pressure to the body, evoking the same reaction as a hug or embrace. These blankets are also excellent for assisting those with sleep problems.

2. Art Supplies

Some individuals, including adults and children, have difficulty expressing their emotions via words. However, artistic expression facilitates emotional release.

Why not visit your local craft shop and choose a gift that encourages your loved one’s creative side? It may be a package of paints, a coloring book for adults, or modeling clay. Creating art also has a relaxing and peaceful impact.

3. Document

Some individuals need writing in order to process information. You can buy extremely good journals for less than $20 for the introspective person in your life who needs to put their thoughts, emotions, and ideas on paper.

4.Meditation and Mindfulness Membership

It has been shown that practicing mindfulness and meditation provides mental, physical, and emotional advantages. However, it might be difficult to start the practice. With a subscription to a meditation and mindfulness app, you may help a loved one achieve inner peace.

5. Mind Over Mind

There are plenty excellent books on mental health available. Mind Over Mind employs cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises that have been shown to alter an individual’s moods, ideas, and actions.


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