Professional Online Group Therapy for Bethesda, MD, Residents

Your individual healing journey starts—and ends—with you. But some roads are more easily traveled with company. And at Serenity Psychotherapy Group, we know that group settings can be extremely effective for some patients. That’s why we offer online group therapy sessions for Bethesda, Maryland, residents who would benefit from an added social component that connects them with other individuals in the DMV region who are navigating a similar path.

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Online Group Therapy Services

While it’s true that no two people are exactly alike, many of us deal with similar challenges. And with a support group in place, you won’t have to shoulder your burden entirely by yourself. Serenity Psychotherapy Group creates a safe, non-judgmental, and fully online space for patients to connect with each other and learn valuable coping skills, insights, and strategies together. Among the issues we help our patients work through in online group therapy sessions are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Grief

We are certified to offer dialectical behavior therapy (C-DBT), to provide clinical support to clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASDCS), and to provide Clinical Anxiety Treatment (CCATP). Plus, we offer our online therapy services in English and Farsi.

Why Choose Virtual Therapy?

Serenity Psychotherapy Group offers online group therapy services so we can meet our patients where they are in a setting that’s convenient for them. This means no commuting, no physical accessibility roadblocks, and more scheduling flexibility.

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