Supportive Online Group Therapy Offered to Chevy Chase, MD, Residents

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Serenity Psychotherapy Group offers online group therapy to Chevy Chase, Maryland, residents as an accessible way to get support. Our therapists are highly trained and certified to provide expert guidance and ensure you get the most out of every session.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

When you attend an online group therapy session, you can expect one or more clinicians to lead a discussion with a group of clients. Some therapy groups target a specific problem while others offer aid for many issues. Examples of topics we address are anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, and life transitions. Whatever challenges you face, group therapy can be a rewarding experience because it can provide a:

Support Network

By conversing with others who are experiencing similar challenges, you can discover that you are not alone in your hardships. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of an inclusive network that keeps you accountable as you make meaningful changes in your life.

New Perspective

Group therapy lets you see how diverse people with different personalities and backgrounds view and tackle problems. This can help you gain new perspectives and strategies for facing your concerns.

Online Group Therapy at Your Convenience

Serenity Psychotherapy Group offers flexible scheduling with online group therapy. You can participate comfortably from home without worrying about a commute or physical accessibility roadblocks. To get started with online group therapy, contact Serenity Psychotherapy Group today. We offer our services in English and Farsi to Chevy Chase, MD, residents.

Our Services

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